Quality Assurance and Quality Control

QA/QC policy

As part of its QA/QC policy, Wilbahi Investments Ltd ensures that all its projects are executed to internationally accepted standards with the client’s quality requirements as a top priority.

  • Project Execution Programme and Quality Control Procedures are suitably drawn up to satisfy international engineering quality requirements and complies with the contract documents
  • Work Programmes and Quality Control Procedures are made available to the relevant recipients
  • Amendments to documentations including project designs are subjected to rigorous vetting to ensure compliance with agreed quality of work as set out in the contract documents
  • All activities are carried out in accordance with the ethics of the relevant regulatory bodies, with regular update of the professional standards as set out in the statutes of these bodies
  • Specific work activities are carried out in accordance to the relevant quality control procedures as set out in the QA/QC Policy of the company
  • Responsibility for each control task is clearly identified
  • Defined Quality Verifications are carried out at each stage of the construction, such that no new stage can start without verification and certification of previous work stage
  • All Quality Verifications are recorded in a specified manner outlined in the QA/QC Policy

The company’s QA/QC Policy is vigorously pursuit at all times with regular updates and training for employees, suppliers and sub-contractors.