Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment & Security


Wilbahi Investments Ltd is fully committed to a policy of responsible and ethical practices that protect communities in its areas of operation and ensures the safety, health, security and environmental protection of the communities.

  • Integrate incident-free safety culture into all its operations
  • Formulate and integrate community, safety, fire, health, environment and security protection 
into every aspects of its operations
  • Comply and implement all health, safety, fire and environmental laws & CASHES policies 
without regards to degree of enforcement
  • Establish and maintain relevant standard engineering practices and risk management techniques 
to ensure responsible health, safety and environmental practice
  • Exhibit socially conscious leadership and demonstrate exemplary health, safety, fire & 
environmental performance by employing the “walking-talking” technique
  • Conserve the natural environment and resources by careful management of discharges 
and eliminating unnecessary waste generation
  • Continuous improvement of the CASHES policy performance with a view to integrating
 the policy into the company’s management system

The company’s CASHES policy is set out in its CASHES Manual and in this manual Wilbahi Investments Ltd gives the requirements and advice on how our employees and third parties should act to prevent accidents and maintain a perfectly safe, healthy and secure working environment.

The CASHES Manual demonstrate the management’s commitment to all CASHES matters and how the company cares for its employees and those that may be affected by the company’s operations.

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